Posted on: May 21, 2008 11:46 am

Mock Draft Top 10

1. Bulls- Beasley
2. Heat- Rose
3. Timberwolves- Brook Lopez
-They need a big man who can score and defend. Him or Love seem like the right choice
4. Sonics- Jerred Bayless
-They need a PG who can score and get Durant the ball. Could also use a big man, but in my opinion PG is a bigger need.
5. Grizzlies- Anthony Randolph
-OJ Mayo would be the logical pick, but with Mike Conley and Rudy Gay capable of scoring from the perimiter, and with no inside scoring threat whatsoever, Randolph or Love would be the better fit.
6. New York Knicks- OJ Mayo
-If there plan is to lure Lebron in 2010, than OJ Mayo is the right pick. Sure they could take a big man, but if they cant trade Randolph or Curry, would the big man play right away? Its possible Mayo could run the point, with Crawford at the 2, Chandler at the 3, and then figure something out up top.
7. Clippers- Russel Westbrook
-If they trade Brand look for a big man to maybe take the place of westbrook, or for the clippers to trade down.
8. Bucks- Eric Gordon
-Michale Redd seems to be available for trade, and if that happens, Gordon the right choice. Even if it doesnt they need another scorer
9.Bobcats- Kevin Love
Would form a formidable front line with Okafor, and dont forget May coming off the bench
10. Nets- Darell Arthur
- Nets need a scorer in the frontcourt, however if the melo trade happens, look for them maybe taking DJ Augustine to run the point.
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